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February 16, 2023 sanancamera No Comments

Video surveillance application field

1. Safe City

As a nationwide integrated system focusing on public security video surveillance applications and taking into account urban management, traffic management, emergency command and other applications, Safe City has borne the brunt of the application and has become a major battlefield for the application of intelligent products and technologies. In <> 2014, the perception camera combined with cloud computing released by Koda also entered the safe city application, which can perform big data analysis on massive videos, so as to realize intelligent applications such as semantic-based intelligent search, high-risk personnel comparison, face photo search, whole body image search, vehicle control, and area control.


2. Intelligent transportation

With the rapid growth of urban car ownership, traffic problems are becoming increasingly prominent. Traffic monitoring system, traffic guidance system, information collection system, etc. gradually play an increasingly important role in traffic management, intelligent video retrieval technology is used in the field of transportation, can realize the automatic detection of license plates, car logos, models, vehicle colors, drivers and passengers, etc., running yellow lights, pressing yellow lines, illegal lane changes, speeding and other traffic violations detection is becoming more and more accurate, illegal parking detection, congestion detection, pedestrian crossing and other events can also achieve intelligent monitoring.


3. Supervise overall security

Due to the special nature of detainees in public security prisons and judicial prisons, security management is particularly important. Intelligent video retrieval technology is used in prison centers to detect police cordons, strenuous exercise detection, wake up detection, area stay detection, and video occlusion detection. It is convenient to discover abnormal situations of prison personnel and equipment at the first time, and promptly do a good job of handling measures, effectively curbing the further development of various emergencies in institutions.


4. Smart buildings

According to user needs, by optimizing the structure, system, service and management of the building, we provide users with an efficient, comfortable and convenient humanized building environment. The foundation of intelligent building technology is mainly composed of modern building technology, modern computer technology, modern communication technology and modern control technology, and intelligent video can reflect a prominent role. Smart store


5. Avoid temporary places where resources are wasted

Temporary construction sites, temporary deployment of public security investigation, field training troops, temporary activity venues, convention and exhibition centers and other temporary places, after which the facilities need to be dismantled, if the wiring achieves the monitoring effect, it is undoubtedly a waste of resources and directly increases the investment cost. Therefore, wireless monitoring technology is the most suitable.


5. Emergency and personnel cannot approach the scene

Flood control, fire fighting, rescue, earthquake and other rescue emergency command, flammable and explosive dangerous places, large-scale activity personnel gathering places, important places safety environment, disease infection areas, etc., need to establish a complete set of monitoring network in a relatively short period of time. The construction period of cabling monitoring is too long to meet the required contingency plan, so wireless monitoring is the best choice.


7. Places with high wiring costs or large monitoring range

Resource monitoring (forests, rivers, oil fields, substations, base stations, ports, animal reserves), etc., these environments are often limited by the geographical environment and work content, wide area, few users, wired monitoring line outdoor rack facilities construction period is very long, maintenance costs are very high, difficult to achieve. For such places, the advantages of wireless monitoring are fully utilized.


8. Mobile occasions such as airplanes, ships, trains, etc

In mobile conditions, the range is unstable, the distance is too long to lay and cover the wired network. At this point, only wireless monitoring can meet its needs.


9. Medical field

Now in the medical field, wireless video surveillance technology also has this very important role, the use of scientific and technological instruments on wireless video surveillance equipment, can take clear photos under the microscope, the use of physical methods to analyze is the most reliable method in medicine.



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